Monitoring Cloud Infrastructure

Japan East - Service Management Operations Issues with Virtual Machines
Last Update: About 3 days ago
RESOLVED: Incident 18007 - The Stackdriver logging service is experiencing a 30-minute delay.
Last Update: About 15 hours ago
Service is operating normally: [RESOLVED] DNS Resolution Issues
Last Update: About 69 days ago
Everything operating normally.
Last Update: About 24 days ago
Critical Maintenance for CPU Vulnerabilities
Last Update: About 116 days ago
SSL certificate update
Last Update: About 118 days ago
Infrastructure Alerts
Last Update: About 116 days ago
Codeship builds are run normally, but UI is slow to update with test step progress
Last Update: About 188 days ago
GCE Build Processing Outage
Last Update: About 116 days ago
Circle 2.0 jobs queued
Last Update: About 118 days ago
EY Cloud Dashboard issues
Last Update: About 125 days ago
Service Disruption: Marketing Campaigns and Transactional Templates Availability
Last Update: About 122 days ago
Elevated error rates
Last Update: About 124 days ago
IronMQ (aws-us-east) service degradation
Last Update: About 121 days ago
Several Packages Missing from the Registry
Last Update: About 134 days ago
Cloud Servers | Instances Unavailable | IAD Region
Last Update: About 174 days ago

We monitor and alert you when there are events in the cloud that your services depend on.

About CloudStatus

We have been using cloud services to build products and web sites getting alerts has helped us stay ahead of issues that might happen. We track over 300 sources of information for Microsoft Windows Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

Monthly Reports

CloudStatus monitors the Amazon web service, windows azure and Google cloud service status, we've compiled reports with a month by month account of all incidents and issues.

Monthly reports