Cloudstatus can connect to other systems, So when we get an alert as well as emailing you we can connect to runscope and trigger your API tests or add an incident into your pagerduty

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Connect Cloudstatus


Runscope provides API testing and monitoring.

Cloudstatus can connect to your tests Trigger URL and execute the API Test.

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PagerDuty is your fastest path to incident resolution, helping IT Operations and DevOps teams deliver on the promise of agility, performance, and uptime.

Cloudstatus can post alers and information into your Pagerduty dashboard.

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From the first alert to the final postmortem, VictorOps allows DevOps teams to manage IT tasks in real time.

Cloudstatus can post Alerts into VictorOps so your ops team can be aware of issues on the infrastructure.

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Slack brings all your communication together in one place. It's real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams.

Cloudstatus uses Slacks incoming Webhook to pass information into a selected Slack channel.


Cloudstatus can connect to a custom webhook and pass a payload that contains the information on the alert.

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