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Older packages temporarily unavailable

Aug 5, 18:50 UTC Resolved - A security upgrade released yesterday accidentally prevented the registry from serving ~200 very old packages whose package data was incomplete. These packages combined account for less than 0.02% of registry downloads, so their errors did not trigger our monitoring overnight. Following user reports, we corrected the error this morning. The packages were unavailable for a period of ~14 hours, from 5pm PT 2015-07-04 to 7am PT 2015-08-05. Even though the absolute numbers involved are small, the absence of these packages severely disrupted some users and we apologize. We are putting additional auditing into place around releases to ensure this kind of accident cannot occur in future.

About 1075 days ago - Wed 5 Aug 2015 18:50 (GMT)

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External replication endpoint is unavailable

Jul 31, 20:53 UTC Resolved - All views are now up to date. Please contact if you have any issues get your mirrors back in sync. We have initiated some engineering work to make recovery from this kind of hardware failure much faster in future.Jul 31, 16:49 UTC Update - The replication endpoint at is now back up for most use-cases. Some views are still being populated.Jul 31, 04:03 UTC Monitoring - Restoring data is going to take several hours. Our apologies.Jul 31, 00:51 UTC Identified - A hardware failure has taken our external replication endpoint at offline. Engineers are working to replace this endpoint.

About 1080 days ago - Fri 31 Jul 2015 20:53 (GMT)

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