Partially-failed publications earlier today

Mar 25, 21:41 UTC Monitoring - We are currently in the process of removing failed versions from package metadata. Most authors have already published newer versions to negate the severity of the failed publications. We appreciate your understanding and patience in this matter.Mar 25, 19:43 UTC Identified - We have identified 74 packages (with 83 total publications) affected by the misconfiguration. We are diligently working to fix the metadata for the failed versions so that they can be republished by their authors.Mar 25, 18:39 UTC Investigating - A bad configuration released at 17:39 UTC today caused package publications to fail partially, leaving an uninstallable version recorded in the package metadata. The visible symptom is that the registry will report that the version exists, but respond with a 404 when the tarball is requested. As of 18:15 UTC , the misconfiguration has been fixed, but we are investigating now to identify the packages affected & clean up the metadata.

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